Lucentum Marble’s strength is in our flexibility, extensive knowledge of marble, and service levels to manage projects sized’ as some marble producers can be.

Therefore Lucentum Marble can offer the benefit of ‘agility’ to see a project all the way through, from extraction of raw blocks from the quarries here in Spain, right up to the final delivery to final customer.

Lucentum Marble is able to provide all the necessary physical mechanical specifications for each natural stone or granite material considered, which is a must for the architects and engineers.

Our Lucentum Marble group has 2 factories, one is on a 50,000m2 site, with a Block depository, and is dedicated mainly to slabs production (2cm and 3cm thickness) and the other factory, is dedicated to tiles production and cut to size facilites.

Lucentum Marble specialises in made to measure tiles sizes, because of our ethos emphasis on tooling for a high proportion of bridge cutters. We start from 60x60cm and going to 100x100cm and bigger!!  Lucentum Marble’s production of 60x60x2cm tile sizes is probably the fastest in the area.

Please check our products listing in order to understand more about the broad range of Spanish Natural Stonedon’t worry… Spain is a country rich in resources of many different types of natural stone products… and the chances are high that we have access to the relevant quarry.

Please feel free to enquire.

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