Lucentum Marble insists upon organised and disciplined processes throughout the entire quality control system that we advocate.

Let us simply mention one of the many facts that point to our pursuit of consistency of quality in producing cutters overcutters (because this allows us to further preselect the quality grading of a block via the slab selection process prior to cutting tiles)… it may cost us a little more, it may take slightly more time even… but we get in return the peace of mind of a double selection process that makes us both proud and confident that the client will be far more likely to receive the grade selection that they ordered… and, besides, our internal logistics are «slick» enough to ensure that we can «afford» both on a time and also cost basis to offer this advantage over more hasty methods… we still rank amongst the fastest in producers of 60x60x2cm tiles in the area… but with a quality and consistency control procedure that runs alongside at all times!. Moreover, we only use the finest brands of cutting, resinating, finishing and calibration control machinery, this ensures yet another necessary aspect of quality marble productiion.

Ultimately, of course, we recommend a visit to our cutting facilities… where the well planned, tidy and regimented organisation of our processes can be witnessed at first hand.

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